Rick Forbus, PhD

Rick holds a PhD in Human Relations and Leadership. He studied executive coaching with one of the coaches from the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina, and attended George Washington University Business School Extension.


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Dr. Ron Young, 
Founder and Chairman

With 20 plus years of experience as an executive coach and trusted advisor, Ron is a unique and highly sought-after practitioner of executive coaching, management consulting, and leadership development services. Ron is recognized for his ability to help executives understand their context and maximize contribution while maintaining a healthy balance of life

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Chris Goethe
Executive Coach

Chris Goethe is a small business coach who helps individuals make the transition from working for others to becoming a successful entrepreneur. For the last four years, Chris has worked in the industry of franchising, helping others accomplish their dream of owning top-tier franchise brands.

Kathy Forbus Whitfield
Executive Coach

Kathy Whitfield is a Certified Professional Coach credentialed by the CENTER FOR COACHING CERTIFICATION. Kathy is a multi-talented coach with 25 years of success supporting the real estate community.

Daniel Aytes
Executive Coach

Daniel is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed Executive Coach and Speaker. He coaches high achievers and organizations through transitions by focusing on personal and professional development.
Daniel has over a decade of leadership experience working with non-profit organizations, individuals, and executives.

Jennifer Bridges
Executive Coach

Jennifer is a Project Management Professional (PMP) certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and coach certified by Action Coach International and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


Maclane Forbus
Executive Coach

Maclane has a corporate coach credential from the Center for Coaching Certification and continues his education in psychology and further coach credentials. Maclane has coached lately in the Public Relations industry with emerging leaders and connects well with Y-Millennials and well-seasoned professionals.

Debbie Harrison
Director of Business Development

Debbie has been with Trove, Inc. since 2007 and her responsibilities include preparation and distribution of client assessments, preparation and distribution of client training materials, in addition to providing administrative support.

Renee Hutcherson Lucier
Executive Coach

Renee brings over 25 years of diverse corporate experiences to her position as Executive Coach with Trove, Inc., including managerial, sales, marketing, administrative, customer service and consulting.

Lori Partin
Finance Manager

Lori’s work experience includes various industries both profit and non-profit spanning from three to 19,000 employees. Working in such varied environments has provided her with the insight on how to operate well under any condition and interact with all personality types.

Janet VonKohn
Executive Coach

Janet VonKohn has assembled a stellar track record of success in leading multiple recruiting / consulting organizations. She has built her organization’s brand as a consistent, knowledgeable, results driven partner to its clients. She understands the important roles of passion and integrity coupled with expertise and experience to create the “Customer for Life” in those with whom the organization partnered.